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Lost Alamos: Music

Okay, Goodbye

(Lost Alamos)
© Brian Daniell 2011 ASCAP

This recording was done live at Harmony Village, Golden, Colorado, April 30, 2011.  The song is, and had to be, dedicated to Ruby Rose Blevins (1908-1996) who, with a name like that, should never have had to adopt a stage name in order to be successful in singing Western songs.  But she did, and we remember her as Patsy Montana, the great singing cowgirl.   And this song is for all my woman friends who have, somewhere inside them, a tough cowgirl of their own. That would be several of 'em, if the responses so far are any indication. 

She had the face of an angel but her eyes were cold blue steel

Smelled like leather and the spurs were real

Slid into my front seat just to get dry

She said “Before we start talkin’ let’s say goodbye”

And I said “Okay . . . okay, goodbye”


Then she rolled up a cigarette just as neat as a pin

Looked at me sideways, shadow of a grin

“Perhaps I could trouble you, sir, for a light,

but you know what to say if you don’t want a fight”

And I said “Okay . . . okay, goodbye”


She said “Montana ain’t big enough for me

I need a place where a girl can run tough and free

Arkansas and Texas--they’re a mess

Everybody wants more, but I want less”

Well, okay . . . goodbye


“All I want is a cabin on the Missouri breaks

Where all you need is what it takes

Work hard enough I’m bound to forget

Ten years of wasting time

Before I learned how to draw the line

Before I figured out what was mine”

Well, okay . . . goodbye


She had the face of an angel--one you’d never want to cross

With her hat pulled low just like Mattie Ross

I met her in Montana on that rainy afternoon

Don’t reckon I’ll see her again real soon

Sometimes it’s okay, okay to say goodbye

Sometimes it’s okay, okay to say goodbye