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Lost Alamos: Music

Zombie Penguin Tango (Tango de los Pinguinos Zombie)

(Lost Alamos)
© Brian Daniell 2009 ASCAP

There is a perfectly rational explanation for this song. In the fall of 2008 we went to Buenos Aires, then south to Ushuaia, and then got on a ship and took a little jaunt around the Falkland Islands, South Georgia Island and then finally the Antarctic Peninsula. One would think that music would naturally arise in the minds of those who experience such magical landscapes, and it did.

If you don't buy that explanation, how about this? Zombies are huge right now. Everyone needs a zombie song, and this is our ticket for the bandwagon. And penguins are cute. Most of the time, anyway.

Long road trip--good for the soul
Get a map--stay in control
If you drive south, don’t drive too far
If you see ice--don’t get out of the car

They might be in the hills, might be on the beach
Sometimes they whinny--sometimes they screech
They look so cute, but they ate up all the krill
They wear tuxedos--and they’re licensed to kill
--Zombie penguins . . .

Lined up by thousands, comin’ at you
Let me tell you exactly what to do
If you brought a tent, throw it in the trash
Get a brick house--use up all your cash
--Zombie penguins . . .

Down in Ushuaia, women icy hot
Zombie penguins--it’s really all they’ve got
Down in Ushuaia, the people all dance
Zombie penguins can’t--because they don’t wear pants
--Zombie penguins--Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi!

Comin’ from the hills, comin’ from the beach
Sometimes they whinny--sometimes they screech
Twice as many feet as they have beaks
When they start peckin’--things start to leak

Zombie penguins hang out in a crowd
Big ones laughin’, little ones loud
Don’t need phones, they’re all connected
Zombie penguins--must be respected
Zombie penguins . . .

Down in Ushuaia where the waiters all sing
Zombie penguin tango--it’s the latest thing
Shiny black coats and white shirts, too
Zombie penguins all coming after you
-- Zombie penguins--time to run away, hey!

--Zombie penguins--time to run away, hey-hey!