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Lost Alamos: Links

Vicki sings Tumbleweed
Go here to see Vicki singing Tumbleweed Blues!
Veillette Guitars

Those little 12-stings we play came from the mind and hands of Joe Veillette. Go here to see the most amazingly innovative and functional guitars in the world.  

Tara Davison, Operatic and Experimental Soprano
Our voice teacher and a great friend, Tara is trained as an operatic soprano and performs a unique show based on art songs of Spain and South America. Don't miss a chance to hear her--Tara is extraordinary!
Claudia Lopez Photography
Claudia did the photos on this site, not to mention her work for National Geographic, Esquire, Patagonia and many others. A true artist and a great friend.
Acoustic Music Works
Our friend Steve Miklas has the best acoustic guitar selection on the planet. Collings Heaven!
Immersive Studios, Boulder
Recording studio heaven, the absolute best. Go in the place and you won't care if you ever see daylight again.
Woodsong's Luthiery
Need your stringed instrument worked on? Go here. We've known Jon Eaton for over 20 years. Best shop in the region.
Taos Hum
Just in case you were thinking we might be making it all up, well, as Dave Barry always used to say, we are not making this up. Here's the link to the Wikipedia entry--and hey, if it's on Wiki, it's gotta be true, right?